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Tips And Advice: Puffy Eyes

   By: Katrina VanDoran

Some of the causes of puffy eyes are: lack of sleep, alcohol, allergies, aging, stress, poor diet and genetics.

To decrease the appearance of puffy eyes use a thinly sliced cold cucumber or a slice of raw potato and place a slice on each eye. Use any cold compress on your eyes for a few minutes, but do not place ice cubes directly on your skin. Cotton wool pads soaked in witch hazel (which reduces swelling) or iced water should also do the trick.

You can also reduce the appearance of puffy eyes by taking a beaten egg white with a drop or two of witch hazel and brushing it under your eyes for a tightening effect.

Do you need to change your lifestyle in order to decrease the puffiness under your eyes?

Do you know that salty foods cause water retention which can accumulate in the eye area? Sodas and alcohol drinks are high in sodium (salt). Drink water instead. Do you drink enough water? Remember you should drink 8 glasses of water per day.

Exercise will help your overall circulation, including your renal circulation and will aid in the elimination of water. Do not sleep on your stomach, instead, sleep on your back with your head elevated so that water cannot accumulate around the eye are.

Here is a great tip: DO NOT NOT NOT use preparation H on your face!

A concealer or highlighter can do wonders to hide puffiness under your eyes. Pat your concealer on first and blend it in so it looks natural. Then apply your foundation and set it with a light dusting of loose powder.

There are many eye treatment creams on the market today that are formulated specifically to reduce bags underneath your eyes. I recommend Colosé Creme Miracle as it reduces puffiness, fine lines and dark circles. It contains collagen, vitamins, elastin and jojoba oil. Store creams in the refrigerator, as the coldness will also help reduce puffiness.

If you continually have eye puffiness go see your doctor. You could be having symptoms of sinusitis or allergies that can be cleared up by antibiotics or medication.

CREDIT BYLINE: Article written by Katrina VanDoran, Editor of Make-up USA Newsletter: Ms. VanDoran is a top makeup artist at her Spa in Brussels, Belgium. She predominantly uses Bren and Colosé Cosmetics and Skin Care products. Make-up USA © All Rights Reserved.

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