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I Have A Little Problem On My Hands & I Was Hoping You Could Help Me Out

   By: Dr. Gary S. Goodman

There are some lines in selling that are simply golden.

They open doors and minds.

They make people feel good.

They refute the myth that being completely unscripted is a virtue in selling.

I'm going to share one with you, right now, but before I do, I want you to promise that you'll email me, and tell me how well it works for you.

Would you? I'd really appreciate it, and let me thank you in advance for doing it, okay?

Great, now let me tell you where you insert it. Imagine you're opening a telephone conversation with a secretary or a prospect.

First, mention your name and your company, and then append this line:

“Hello, this is Gary Goodman with and the reason I'm calling is I have a little problem on my hands and I was hoping you could help me out.”

Then, say nothing—not a peep.

You're likely to hear, “Well I don't know if I can, but I'll try!”

Isn't that a thing of beauty?

So, humble, so cooperative, and so suddenly!

Anyway, I'm going to leave you with this gem, which has made a ton of money for me.

Let me know how you do!

Dr. Gary S. Goodman © 2005

Dr. Gary S. Goodman, President of, is a popular keynote speaker, management consultant, and seminar leader and the best-selling author of 12 books, including Reach Out & Sell Someone® and Monitoring, Measuring & Managing Customer Service. A frequent guest on radio and television, worldwide, Gary's programs are offered by UCLA Extension and by numerous universities, trade associations, and other organizations in the United States and abroad. Gary is headquartered in Glendale, California. He can be reached at (818) 243-7338 or at:

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