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Press Release A TOY For PEACE Is SELECT


What will be the next must have toy? The world should hopes it is this, one of the few products that everyone can relate to- our Planet and hugging. The Hugg-A-Planet, Earth does everything a great toy should and more. Developed to be truly hands on, informative, and emotionally positive to just hold. "Good toys have staying power; they engage. They help build attention spans, not fragment them", says the Parents' Choice Foundation. This toy does just that.. BEST 25 TOYS OF 25 YEARS Award confirms that a Hugg-A-Planet Earth just may be the must have toy of the Twenty First Century.

January 5--Essex Jct. Vermont. Hugg-A-Planet, Earth selected as one of Parents' Choice Foundation. BEST 25 TOYS OF 25 YEARS. Robert Forenza, President "What a great honor be awarded as one of the Best 25 Toys of the Past 25 Years, especially in a market that sees over ten thousand new toys introduced every year."

Fantastic toys don’t just captivate, they help shape lifelong interests, lead to careers, and focus passions. Have you ever wondered what early mechanical experiences led to Wilbur and Orville Wright’s accomplishments? What hours of play and observation honed Thomas Edison? This spark of imagination, knowledge and that loving hug is what we hope for by placing this world in a child's arms.

Children are our future. "If we are to reach real peace in this world... we shall have to start with the children." Mahatma Gandhi. Growing up with this product will help impart generations to come with a healthy, wholesome, and peaceful attitude on our world.

It’s the magic, that’s the key. All toys worth their salt have it. Hugg-A-Planet Earth by its very nature has a very special magic. It lets you dream about exotic adventures in far away places (over 600 labeled). Easy to throw and catch, memorable to hug. "Special toys like (Hugg-A-Planet Earth...) strike the flint in the child’s mind; they ignite imagination, stimulate creativity, elicit striving, and provoke the desire to make order. They wet and saturate appetites. They push, pull, and comfort. They help a child build a sense of self, a sense of ability to accomplish," says the Parents' Choice Foundation.

Good toys are not instant gratification. They have staying power; they engage. They help build attention spans, not fragment them. Good toys do not glamorize or reflect the destructive aspects of society. A good toy does not offer answers; it stimulates questions and presents problems for solving- all in good humor.

It is true our planet earth is in need more hugs and love. On the Practical side, Hugg-A-Planet Earth is used to learn, explore and share knowledge with others. On the emotional side, we love what we hug, is a very powerful human trait. Offering the best of both worlds. Put a Hugg-A-Planet, Earth in anyone's arms and watch the magic begin.

Hugg-A-Planet manufactures a line of soft huggable globes, maps and environmental toys. Products include the Classic Hugg-A-Planet® Earth in 3 sizes, available in English, French, and Spanish. A special edition of the toy has a secret pocket. Also avaliable is a geophysical globe, Hugg America®, Hugg-A-Star® and line of organic cotton soft animals. These products and others are found online at The company offers businesses and non-profits the ability to promote their business with customized products, placing their name on this award winning huggable world.

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