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About Goldendoodles

   By: Lake Ridge Kennel

First of all....I know there are some of you scratching your head and saying "Doodle what???" Yes....a Goldendoodle! No one doodles like Lake Ridge Kennel Doodles! We have already been fortunate enough to have one of our Goldendoodles make waves in FORBES magazine.....July 5th, 2004 issue for those interested in viewing. And we have been interviewed for an article on allergies and pets with WEBMD. Our website,, receives an enormous amount of hits regarding this new and very popular hybrid.
So, what is a ask?
A Goldendoodle....when bred the way it was intended (according to the standards of breeders in Australia) is the best kept secret for a family pet! Loving, loyal, affectionate, extremely low-shedders, naturally sweet and very low keyed dogs. Yes, it is true they have so much hair on their bodies that they seem like a shaggy, wavey mess at times....but the Goldendoodle can range from 30 pounds to 125 pounds....depending upon their bloodlines and their genetic make=up...their coat is very silky soft, wavey, thick and shaggy and our doodles are, at times, born with beautiful Green eyes! Goldendoodles originated out of Australia...made their way to Canada and are now a huge hit in the United STates because of so many allergy issues with not only children...but with adults too.
Goldendoodles do not have fur like many dogs..instead, they have hair and they do shed...but extremely little. Due to their gentleness, the Goldendoodle is a wonderful family pet for children of all ages. I personally do not like to lump all doodles in one "group" because if a breeder has bred a doodle poorly or if the doodle has poor bloodlines, the risk is high for early organ failure...poor body structure...and nasty disposition. There are many in-experienced breeders out there who are breeding doodles to doodles....back-breeding them or line-breeding them and this is causing quite a few problems where health and temperament is concerned. Also, those who artificially inseminate their Golden Retrievers with sperm of a Toy Poodle are creating doodles they call "MIniatures" or "Toys" and some of the puppies have very bad body structures....poor "bites" with their teeth...internal organ problems and so on. This is because in nature, this pairing would never happen. And if the dam were the toy poodle and the sire were the Golden Retriever, the dam would most likely die from a ruptured uterus.
Goldendoodles can also range from 20 inches to 29 inches at the shoulder. They are "mid-size" dogs who are very versatile! They love the water...they love to play...they love to be where "YOU ARE" no matter what you are doing or where you are going. Although the doodle will alert you that someone is coming.....they have very little ability to be an actual "guard" dog. This type of hybrid has very little propensity for being aggressive.
With the in-experienced breeders placing ridiculous information on their websites or in their ads, the novice person has a really hard time deciphering what is real and what is NOT real, information.
Just go to our website if you desire honest, accurate information and facts regarding the Goldendoodle. The one thing we are, is very upfront and open about the expectations of a doodle.

About the Author

Lake Ridge Kennel is a small, family operated/owed Kennel who is the leading breeder for Goldendoodles. We began breeding for doodles in 1999.

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