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Actress Shannon Elizabeth Is America's Sweetheart

   By: Dawnell Harrison

What does actress Shannon Elizabeth, animals, and Christine Santos have in common?, They are all angels sent to us by some high power. Animal Avengers began rescuing and helping the cute critters of the world about 2 1/2 years ago and have three branches, all on the west coast in the gorgeous San Fernando Valley, LA, and South Bay. I sat down (ok, we sent e-mails back and forth) with Ms. Christine Santos recently and she gave me so much great information that I wish I had more room for a longer story, but maybe next issue. Animal Avengers began when actress Shannon Elizabeth and her husband helped a poor sick dog, but knew that they wanted to do more and as they say, the rest is history! Christine Santos is the South Bay Coordinator for Animal Avengers, a team leader, kennel coordinator, and the person who oversees the medical/health issues for the kennel dogs. (Who can say holy cow and when are you getting a medal of honor?) One of Christine’s favorite times working with Animal Avengers is when they participate in massive adoption days at large venues and people come from everywhere to welcome fur-faced creatures into their lives, homes, and hearts.

Owner, graduate University of Washington, poet, animal lover.

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