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Why Do Russian Girls Look Like Models ?

   By: Marina Smiley

Why do Russian girls look like models in the dating agency photos ?
When you look at some of the photos of Russian women on the Internet you can see that these women are very attractive but their poses are not very natural looking. Why do you think that is?

Russian women care a lot about their appearance and most of them would never think of leaving their home until they look very presentable and well dressed, even if they are just going to the store. If they do it in everyday life, can you imagine how they will prepare themselves if they going to take photos that men from all over the world can see? Of course they try to look their best, wearing their nicest outfit and having their hair, nails and makeup done.

One of the main reasons their poses are not natural is the inexperience of the photographers taking the pictures.

To understand this you need to realize that for many years the Russian people did not have the opportunity to have their own businesses. Everybody worked as employees for the government with a very small salary, even the folks at photo salons. These people didn't have the stimulus to develop their skills and to make matters worse the Russian peoples' habit of not being able to relax in front of the camera. For some of them it is even difficult to smile in front of the camera.

If you ever have the opportunity to see a photo album of a Russian family, you will be greatly surprise at the number of photos that were made in professional photo salons where the people or even a single child will sit in a very static, non-smiling pose.

Everything changes in Russia on a daily basis and the photo business is no exception . You can find some very nice private photo salons but prices are very high and few people can afford them.

So if you see some very strange and unnatural photos of beautiful girls don't be surprised. It is not their fault, but rather, the inexperience of the photographer who made the photos. A person who may have only began to take his first steps in starting a business. Because of this his prices are affordable for these women.

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Marina Smiley is the author of "Your Russian Bride-The Shocking Truth" This eBook is available through Get Your Free Report The 5 Key Tips That You Have To Know About Russian Women

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