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A Guide To Bird Cage Covers

   By: Ken Marlborough

As much as you love the sound of your new little bird, you probably don’t want to hear it at the crack of dawn. If your feathered friend’s morning song is interrupting your sleep, you might want to buy a bird cage cover. Though not an absolute necessity, covers have some definite advantages.

First of all, a bird cage cover blocks the cool air, keeping your bird warmer in the winter. It also blocks some sound, and may help your bird rest easier. Perhaps most importantly, the bird cage cover keeps out the light, persuading your bird to sleep until you are ready to wake up. This can help you—and your bird—get some much needed rest.

Though any material could work in theory, it is best to buy a cover that is made for bird cages. Otherwise, you run the risk of your bird becoming tangled in the material. You also need a cover that is washable.

Bird cage covers are available at most pet supply stores. They can also be ordered online. If you prefer, you can make your own bird cage cover. This will enable you to choose a fabric that matches your home. If you go this route, make sure that you choose a material that is washable and that will not entangle your bird.

If you choose to use a bird cage cover, try to use it roughly the same hours each day. Like most people, birds need a routine to feel safe, happy, and secure.

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