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An Introduction To Jewish Dating

   By: Alison Cole

What makes Jewish dating different from any other type of dating? Jewish singles, by nature, tend to seek out other Jewish singles even if they aren’t particularly religious. There’s something about being Jewish, either genetically or as a society, that keeps Jews together as a group. Not completely, of course, as there are many Jewish people who have married outside the religion. But there still remains today, even in our enlightened, high tech society, an invisible force field surrounding the Jewish people and pressuring them to stay together. Why this is, how it all began is a mystery but it does, in fact, exist.

As a result of this religious cloistering, there are more Jewish dating services around than any other religion can lay claim to. Most dating services don’t differentiate their clients by religion and this broader group of matchmakers is by far still the largest in the country. But when it comes down to different groups of people who are only interested in meeting people of the same religion, Jewish dating is the largest.

In purely quantitative terms, the Jewish population of the world is almost negligible. There are billions of Muslims, about a billion and a half Catholics and only approximately 20 million Jews on the planet. And yet Jews remain the most influential group of people in the history of the world. Why that is and how that happened is a question for scholars and historians, but how Jewish dating has become so dominating is something that should be understood by anybody seeking to enter the dating world.
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