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Did You Know This About Coffee Pods?

   By: Mike Yeager

Coffee pods are what make an excellent cup of coffee. Coffee is the world's most popular beverage after water, with over 400 billion cups consumed annually. The coffee bean comes from an evergreen tree grown in a narrow subtropical belt around the world. Coffee beans are not beans at all in a botanical sense. They are the twin seeds of a red (sometimes yellow) fruit that grows to about the size of the tip of your little finger. Growers call these coffee fruit coffee cherries or pods. Coffee has two main varieties: arabica and robusta. Unless they are decaffeinated, coffee beverages all contain caffeine. Full-bodied, dark-roast coffee may contain less caffeine than coffee made from milder, more lightly-roasted beans. In general, arabica beans tend to have less caffeine but milder and more aromatic flavor than robusta beans. There are 10 steps through which a coffee bean passes from seed to cup: Harvesting, Processing, Drying, Hulling, Polishing, Grading and sorting, Exporting, Tasting, Roasting and Grinding of coffee pods. Of these, connoisseurs of pod coffee have the option of indulging in the last two steps themselves!

Be your own Barista.

There is no single best way to make coffee; each of us prefers one method to the rest. The importance of the coffee pod however, cannot be over emphasized. Of the many ways to prepare coffee, the espresso method is perhaps the highest expression of true coffee lovers. But the beauty of making pod coffee is that it allows you to be your own barista! Making pod coffee is both a ritual and a practical part of life although it is now possible to have coffee pod machines that brew individual cups of either filter or expresso pod coffee in seconds. All these methods share the basic principle which is to use hot water, to extract from the ground beans the natural essential oils, the caffeol, that give coffee its wonderful aroma and flavor. The resulting brew, or liquor, is a coffee infusion. Sadly, in this electronic age, pod coffee drinkers form a pathetic minority due to the time and effort it takes before you can actually savor a cup. But, if you are one, don’t be nonplussed if your special guest takes the first option to your question - “Coffee, tea or me?”

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