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Holiday Java = Festive Coffee!

   By: NC

(NC)—Why do people call coffee java? Java is an island in Indonesia with a warm, humid climate and rich volcanic soil – ideal conditions for growing coffee. The word "java" caught on after the Dutch colonized the island between 1619 and 1946 and brought the coffee plant to Java. Hence the name!

Hamilton Beach, makers of the BrewStationTM coffeemaker, offers this tasty recipe for a festive cup of java.

Hot Coffee Nog

2 egg yolks

4 Tbsp. granulated sugar

1-1/4 cups hot coffee

2 egg whites

Use a double boiler, placed on stove with burner at medium heat. Half-fill bottom section with water. Put egg yolks, sugar and coffee in upper section of double boiler; stir constantly until hot. Reduce heat and cover double boiler. Beat egg whites until stiff. Put equal portions of egg white into cups or glasses. Pour coffee mixture over egg white portions. Serve immediately. Recipe from: The Coffee Development Group

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