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Articles about hardware.

By: Eric Meyer
The WRT54G is a wireless router made by linksys. A few years ago linksys released its WRT54G firmware source code giving the open source community the ability to make its own versions.Installing Linu (read entire article)
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By: Bruce Hammerich
Lets assume you are already using computer systems running some version(s) of Windows. One thing is a given, if you own computers and you are running Windows; you will have problems. This is nothin (read entire article)
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By: Bill Platt
The actual life of a laptop battery will vary with computer usage habits. For most users, it is not uncommon to experience differences in battery life, of anywhere from just under one hour to ov (read entire article)
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By: Mike Burstein
Thumb Drives - Great New Technology!The ability to easily move data from PC to PC with minimal inconvenience is just another benefit computers (read entire article)
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By: Dylan Miles
Toolboxes should be packed for safety, versatility and practicality. Whether you want to be able to fix your home's plumbing, your children's computers, or your wife's jewelry, there are very specific (read entire article)
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By: Joseph Mercado
Here we have the Brother TN-540 toner cartridge which has been around since May of 2004. This toner is designed to fit into the Brother HL-5150 printer which is based a 21 page per minute and 1200 dot (read entire article)
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By: Joseph Mercado
The Lexmark Opera T, Opera S and Opera SE 3455 laser printer cartridges are all very similar, yet not interchangeable with a few distinct differences that will be pointed out to you later.Since the re (read entire article)
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By: Joseph Mercado
If you need some help with ink and printing terms, this section will help you. The following glossary should help you grasp the important concepts that control the art and science of ink usage.Absorpt (read entire article)
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By: Nicholas Spriggs
Let's face it. In today's modern world we like things fast. Fast cars, fast food, and especially fast computers. So when it comes to graphics on today's PCs, we not only want them to look good, we als (read entire article)
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By: O G Popa
I am certain the first question in everybody's mind is: “Why should I learn this tiresome hardware design in my spare time? I like to listen music, to play games, and to eat pizza. I just want to re (read entire article)
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By: Charles West
Finally - and yes possibly because of mp3 players and the continuing development of such - the cost of Solid State computer memory is dropping.Camera memory cards or sticks as some people call the (read entire article)
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By: David Picella
The internet is full of technical articles, many of which are way too complicated for the average computer user who just wants to solve a simple problem. If you pay close attention, the internet is a (read entire article)
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By: Kingston Amadan
Spy gadgets are designed to help you uncover things that others might want to keep hidden from you. And one of the things that most people are anxious to hide is infidelity. In the past, it was common (read entire article)
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By: Gary Hendricks
This article will help you with your decision by elaborating on the different factors to consider when buying that new sound card.What Are Your Needs? First thing to consider here is your intended us (read entire article)
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By: Jesse Harwell
It is easy to go onto ebay or some other auction site and see a laptop and purchase it because of the great price listed. Sometimes you find a great deal, other times you get burned. If you have a l (read entire article)
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By: Jimmie Newell
A Professional Locksmith has many years of training in how security hardware works, and choosing the proper grade or type of hardware to use in a given situation. Many are certified and / or licensed (read entire article)
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By: Peter Stewart
The power supply keeps things in your computer running smoothly. When they run well, you won't even think about them, but when things go wrong, it can become very annoying.The power supply doesn't jus (read entire article)
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By: Leon Chaddock
Document shredding is a necessary function of business. There are many areas in which you will find the various tools that you need to do this, but we are going to let you in on a secret. That is, y (read entire article)
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By: Leon Chaddock
How many times has your email server left you out in the cold. It seems so simple, doesn't it? Someone sends you mail, you get it and read it. Then, you file it. Just like the standard postal mail (read entire article)
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By: George W. Cannata
My recent article did not flatter computer manufacturers nor will this one.I'm a capitalist, and believe in free enterprise but I think the business philosophy of the printer manufacturers has been ou (read entire article)
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By: Gavin Duncan
When it comes to problems with CD Burners things can get ugly and users most of the time gives up hope of ever completing a successful CD Burning session. PC technology can be confusing as almost anyt (read entire article)
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By: Jacob Loeb
Take out four credit cards from your wallet. Stack them and hold them in your hand. Apple's iPod nano i=PM_MP_IN&t=The+iPod+nano is about t (read entire article)
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By: Rick David
Get ready everyone, home computers are about to set new LAN speed records! The Intel 64-bit microchip will soon be powering the new line of Pentium 4 computers. This long awaited sizzling fast release (read entire article)
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By: Daviyd Peterson
Wireless Consulting and Solution Providers have always been important to african american small businesses and now after several years of having the most technologically advanced homes in our neighbor (read entire article)
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By: Barry Shultz
The quick answer is...yes and no.Consider this. How many printer models do you think there are out there right now? 1000? 2000? Who knows. But one thing I do know is nobody is going to spend the time (read entire article)
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