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Articles about divorce.

By: Martha Winfrey
Marriage counseling or divorce? That is the question being asked thousands of times every day across America. With so many marriages ending in divorce, the question can be asked: How many of those m (read entire article)
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By: Dr. Jackie Black
For many men and women in a wide variety of situations divorce is a legitimate and appropriate choice.Getting divorced is a process and consists of 3 main elements:· Emotional· Financial· LegalHeal (read entire article)
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By: Chris Annable
It is a late Sunday evening, two weeks before Xmas. It hasn't really been a bad day. Yet it hasn't been a particularly happy day either. Xmas can be a difficult time of the year because it is suppos (read entire article)
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By: Chris Annable
Today, while driving to work, I listened to a radio discussion. I didn't hear the start and don't know exactly what the subject was about. It seemed to be centered around how top stars and sportsmen (read entire article)
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By: Tom
After the latest and accurate help with reference to divorce statistics. When you're seeking better-quality information about divorce statistics, (read entire article)
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By: Cathy Goodwin
Most of us are aware that we need to grieve the death of a close friend, relative or favorite pet. We are beginning to learn that other events -- (read entire article)
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By: Karl Augustine
Life after divorce is something that most people who are going through divorce think about. Thinking about having a life after divorce or thinking abo (read entire article)
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By: Linsey Knerl
Could this be you? Your son's pants are three inches above his ankle bone. Your daughter needs $10.00 for a school field trip. You just checked the calendar and Christmas is only three weeks off. The (read entire article)
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By: Lisa Cohn
Divorced mom Rita Hardin of Atlanta, Ga., knows from experience how children can be hurt by tension between ex-spouses.Relations between Hardin and her ex-spouse have been so strained that her ex has (read entire article)
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By: Ronnie Ann Ryan
How Do You Know If a Divorced Man Is Relationship Ready? Dating is all about getting to know people and screening for a good match. It's important to know what qualities you want in a partner, but h (read entire article)
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By: Dawn Miller
Divorce is hard on kids. It's not exactly news. But this is a groundbreaking revelation, judging from the fawning press coverage and attention by the New York Times and the Washington Post to a new bo (read entire article)
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By: Todd Going
In the state of Oklahoma there are a few options for couples who are looking for a divorce. The first option is called limited divorce and is similar to what is known as a trial separation in other s (read entire article)
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By: Jeffrey Broobin
Most of the disagreements concern the Children, Visitation and how to divide the assets of the marriage along with Child Support, Alimony, How to deal with Family Debts, and who will pay for the Educa (read entire article)
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By: Jenny Clair
Some couples do not believe in marriage guidance as they think that marriage should be a private relationship. They do not understand that marriage guidance is there to help with any situation.Marria (read entire article)
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By: Jenny Clair
Divorce is a horrible nasty sounding word which nobody likes to hear as it brings back bad memories and feelings whenever we hear it. Divorce certainly lives up to its name. D for disastrous, disrup (read entire article)
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By: Nathan Dawson
While each person's situation is unique, there are steps to follow that are common to all in the event that you and/or your spouse decide to file for divorce. Here is some general divorce advice:Becom (read entire article)
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By: Nathan Dawson
Choosing the right divorce attorney may have a huge long-term impact when it comes to coping with divorce, as financial stress may be lessened if you receive sound divorce advice. Therefore, hiring a (read entire article)
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By: Nathan Dawson
Divorce rarely brings out the best in us. If anyone can get through one unscathed and can say that it was an easy divorce, that person should be nominated for sainthood. More often than not, adults wh (read entire article)
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By: Nathan Dawson
In any divorce, financial matters can be the stickiest issue for couples to get around. When you carefully consider all of your debts without bias or hard feelings, the both of you can eventually reac (read entire article)
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By: Nathan Dawson
When considering divorce and its financial consequences, it may at times seem hard to believe that anyone can survive it. Vengeful wives have been known to max out their husbands' credit cards prior t (read entire article)
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By: Nathan Dawson
Divorce lawyers and law firms can provide a great deal of divorce information and divorce advice; but sometimes, all that legal jargon can be confusing to say the least, not to mention intimidating. G (read entire article)
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By: Nathan Dawson
Is it possible to have an easy divorce? A low cost divorce? Or do all divorce settlements necessarily end in hard feelings and financial ruin? The truth is that divorce can be low-cost and easy… or (read entire article)
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By: Nathan Dawson
Once you have finished gathering all your divorce information, sought all the divorce advice that was out there, found divorce help by hiring an attorney and financial planner… after you have learne (read entire article)
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By: Nathan Dawson
Generally speaking, when it comes to women and divorce, financial preparedness is the key to an easy divorce… or at least as close to it as you can get. It may be true that men may find themselves s (read entire article)
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By: Marilyn Vilyus
No one besides you can determine whether or not a divorce is right for you! But, there are some general questions which pretty much apply to everybody. Thinking about the following issues may help y (read entire article)
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By: Marilyn Vilyus
Collaborative law is based on the realization that the commitment by the parties in a family is that it is in their best interest to avoid going to trial.This process relies on open and honest communi (read entire article)
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By: B. White
The question of divorce and its lawfulness is of long standing. The law-makers of our day have tried to answer the question. In many countries of the world it is said, "Yes, divorce is lawful." Yet af (read entire article)
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By: Brandi Simon
The pain of finding out that your partner is cheating on you can be the worst pain you'll feel in your entire life. What is happening to you, you may wonder. You are grieving. You are grieving the los (read entire article)
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