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Direct Mail

Articles about direct mail.

By: Larry Klein
Financial advisors and their firms waste millions of dollars monthly on promotions that don't pay or produce anemic results. In many cases, these direct mail and advertising promotions can be profita (read entire article)
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By: Joy Gendusa
Where to Start: Most novice marketers have definite fixed ideas about direct mail that are way off base - most oft (read entire article)
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By: Craig Garber
Making money using direct mail isn't easy. And anyone who tells you it is, is lying. To run a successful direct mail campaign, you must have (read entire article)
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By: Carol Bentley
The ‘Order Form' is your response mechanism when you send a letter. It is the most important piece in your mailing package. It is the final ‘call to action' your prospect will see.In many cases (read entire article)
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By: Leslie Sprankling
Over the last 50 years I must have seen thousands of ads, mostly 2 line classified ads in opportunity magazines, trying to sell the latest in a long line of “How to Make a Fortune in Mail Order” b (read entire article)
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By: Mike Price
The most crucial aspect of having a high response rate to any direct mail marketing list is to keep your business' name in everyone's mind, constantly. But how do you do that without annoying your bus (read entire article)
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By: Jay McKee
With direct mail, you can break even and still claim success. The reason for this can be understood only when determining the lifetime value of each customer brought in and the likelihood of those cus (read entire article)
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