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By: Rob Sullivan1
I recently had the opportunity to discuss SEO/SEM with a non-profit organization. The conversation didn't start with SEO/SEM but I got to thinking - how does a non-profit do SEO/SEM?Having been in th (read entire article)
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By: Lance Winslow
Recently we saw a Victory in Iraq as we took down the Iraqi army in what was clearly the most decisive military victory in history, as we went against the then world's third largest army. When major c (read entire article)
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By: James Christensen
It is likely to be the largest demolition of a community in modern U.S. history -- destruction begun by hurricanes Katrina and Rita and finished by heavy machinery. A neighborhood tucked into a deep d (read entire article)
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By: Robert Crane
One of C-SPAN's questions for “open lines” recently was “who's stronger in National Security, Republicans or Democrats” (i.e., who will keep us safer). Callers weighed in on three different te (read entire article)
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By: Kenneth Rice
Introduction“…the moral elements are among the most important in war. They constitute the spirit that permeates war as a whole, and at an early stage they establish a close affinity with the will (read entire article)
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By: Lance Winslow
The Federal Trade Commission seems to have defrauded the American People wouldn't you say. They started out with a bang stating they were aggressively fighting SPAM? That appears to be a complete misr (read entire article)
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By: Lance Winslow
The Bureaucrats in Washington D.C. think that we are all stupid morons and that they know what is best, even if they really do not care. They care more about their little BS reports and paperwork than (read entire article)
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By: Ellen Marsh
Today's culture, according to author Allen Armac in his brilliant and thought-provoking new book, is a mass culture. We live, breathe, work and often think as a group. We have mass education, mass ent (read entire article)
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By: Lance Winslow
Do you like our President? Do you get upset with the media lambasting him? Does it bother you when people trash on George W. Bush President of the United States of America? Do you take it personally a (read entire article)
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By: Lance Winslow
Would you vote for Condoleeza Rice for the next president of the United States? How about the Vice Presidency? It seems Condolezza Rice has come a long way and seems to get the bigger picture. Could s (read entire article)
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By: Lance Winslow
Do you live in a Red State? Do you ever wonder why we are dividing ourselves with colors? Isn't that what the gangs in Los Angeles use to do? Divide themselves with red and blue. The “Bloods” and (read entire article)
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By: Robert Crane
"It is true that much of the intelligence turned out to be wrong.” Bush uncharacteristically admitted in the last of his recent Iraq War speeches. Well here is something else that is equally true Mr (read entire article)
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By: Ronald Nordquist
Englishman Craig Eliot Alden has been on a hunger strike in a Brazilian prison since learning of his conviction and 48 year sentence for child sexual abuse on November 1 of this year. He has refused (read entire article)
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By: Kevin Kearns
Unless you have lived in a cave for the past few years, you have seen them in your community. A group of women over 50 years of age dressed as pimps. Big red hats with feathers, boas draped around t (read entire article)
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By: Bonnie Boots
Summary: Learning to survive in the marketplace requires some fancy emotional footwork. Read these tips for raising your writer's emotional I.Q. (read entire article)
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By: Rich Brunelle
Friday the 13th . . .Who’s afraid of Friday the 13th? Shoot, aint nothing but another day. Or, so I thought. Let me tell you a story about my (read entire article)
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By: Arthur Zulu
Fiction. That literary genre, supposed to be for dreamers, is growing fast. Not in the number of writers churning out fairy tales, but even am (read entire article)
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By: J.J. Jackson
While Howard Dean is out there talking about how much “hate” he has for Republicans and about how evil, dishonest and nasty we are I am here to stand (read entire article)
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By: Dawn Van Zant Reports on Today’s Technology and Countermeasures Working to Defend against Biowarfare and BioterrorismHomeland Security Dep (read entire article)
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By: The Indy Voice
I don't feel inspired to write about anything. Today a plane skipped off the runway in Toronto and everyone survived. I was glad to hear it but not re (read entire article)
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By: Jesse S. Somer
Freedom for all species and people, and freedom of stress; is it possible? Could the Internet be a tool to getting there?Freedom, what is it? (read entire article)
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By: staff
The article title is adapted from the story in the Bible, Genesis Chapter 3 verses 6 and 7. It is fascinating at just how close that Biblical passage (read entire article)
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By: Paul Siegel
On September 11, 2001, 4 freedom-hating zealots tried to snuff out the 4 freedoms that are the foundation of, not only the U.S., but of all fr (read entire article)
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By: Robert M. Ziegler
If you haven't read this article before and viewed the slide show associated with it, you might find it interesting. Basically, it demonstrates how q (read entire article)
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By: Duane Shinn
It sounds like a side show, doesn’t it? It does to me. But it’s true; researchers have discovered that some varieties of seals really do sing. Indeed (read entire article)
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By: David Ben-Ariel
Why, after all these years, are so many countries in Africa still dependent upon Western aid? Has such aid truly helped the situation or encourag (read entire article)
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By: David Ben-Ariel
Nobody arrested me. I was DETAINED when I faithfully reported to the police office at 9 a.m. Monday morning, January 9, 1996 (day before my birthday) (read entire article)
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By: Francisco Aloy
So, you got a big surprise last night, didn't you? You wentto search for your Website and it wasn't there anymore!Where did it go? Did you ha (read entire article)
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By: Rich Brunelle
Listening to the news regarding the recent destruction of New Orleans, Louisiana and neighboring states, and hearing the stories of rape, violence, an (read entire article)
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By: Paul Zimmerman
Katie Collman, a ten year old Crothersville, IN girl was murdered because she allegedly witnessed drug activity ( (read entire article)
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By: Arthur Zulu
On 20 January 2004, George Bush Jr. the President of the United States gave his last (?) State of the Union Address. In this article, I will p (read entire article)
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By: Vijay Kumar
It's the End of the World as we know it...When did you think the world population would annihilate itself... i.e. bring about the End of the (read entire article)
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By: Arthur Zulu
Strange things never cease to happen. These things themselves make the world go round. Consider this: Many years ago, a solar eclipse happened (read entire article)
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By: Jarba
If you are one of most Americans who own stocks or corporate bonds, thanks to retirement plans, mutual funds and such, you are owning a piece of " (read entire article)
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By: Angelique van Engelen
Any chances for a country to be ruled by alternative rule will always be zero because -as many economists, philosophers and scientists claim- (read entire article)
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By: Angelique van Engelen
Today, in many countries’ political realities, tribalist and nationalist or globalist forces clash fiercely, undermining chances of peace and democrac (read entire article)
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By: Larry Denton
Thanks to new federal passport proposals, the cost of a Caribbean cruise, a Cancun honeymoon, or a Vancouver theater weekend could be going up (read entire article)
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By: L. Dean Sturgeon
DELIVERY CONFIRMATION. Verify delivery with Delivery Confirmation. Our low cost Delivery Confirmation service gives you the date, ZIP C (read entire article)
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By: Robert Hurtado
The success revolving around Pixar animations mainly lies in the fact that they can so brilliantly combine a great story with stunning new technology (read entire article)
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By: Rusty Cawley
Imagine: What if today’s American TV news had been there to cover D-Day, June 6, 1944?“Good morning, this is Peter Jennings at ABC News in Was (read entire article)
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By: Adeolu Oluade
FIRST LOVE RECOVERY MINISTRYThe Good Success SocietyJoshua 1:8(KJV)"This book of the law shall not depart out of thy mouth; but th (read entire article)
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By: Arthur Zulu
Oxygen and terror. Rarely do sentences contain such oddities. Except they were written with blue pencils. But wait a moment. Few things have (read entire article)
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By: Kathryn A. Graham
Let me duck down behind some cover here. Yes! I think that felons should be allowed to purchase – and carry – firearms.I’m still down here. Ar (read entire article)
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By: The Independent Voice
I did grow up in the Northeast but I have yet to experience the people labeled as the “elites” or morally inferior. My neighborhood was at the lower (read entire article)
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By: William Cate
Keeping Below the RadarWilliam Cate[][ (read entire article)
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By: Birmingham UK Com
Channel 4 ( UK )paid Moazzam Begg an undisclosed sum to attend an interview to discuss his imprisonment in Guantanamo Bay which was aired at 7pm on 24 (read entire article)
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By: Kenn Gividen (
HillarysVillage.comFearful that terrorists will next target Australia, Prime Minister John Howard broke the silence this week. He reopened the (read entire article)
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By: Jim Wood
The immigration reform Web site "NoInvaders.Org" recently saw an escalation of Internet traffic on February 9, with an increase from 9 visits a day t (read entire article)
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By: by Kurt St. Angelo
by Kurt St. AngeloLibertarian Writers' Bureauhttp://www.writersbureau.orgMy favorite childhood story was about a herd of hippos th (read entire article)
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By: Maureen Metcalf
With the passing of Arafat, the Middle East will take on a slightly different face, allowing the possibilities for prophetic fulfillment to speed (read entire article)
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