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Articles about coaching.

By: Carey Gebhart
Ok, so you got a lousy diagnosis (I did)*. Darn it! Damn it! This was not part of the plan. OK, deal with it. Do what you have to do. Ask questions. Have tests. Have consultations. Have s (read entire article)
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By: Jeff Herring
Q: I have just recently come to recognize that I don't handle change very well, although my husband and friends have told me that for years. I seem to have trouble with changes that are out of my cont (read entire article)
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By: Debi Bonine-Giles
Similarities and key differences between personal coaching and psychotherapy are explained. While there are many very significant similariti (read entire article)
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By: Mike Pedersen
Most golfers have had dozens of opportunities to receive coaching golf tips from numerous sources. However the most inte (read entire article)
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By: Cardell Phillips
After downsizing wiped out her $80K salary, Jane was having trouble finding work. Just released from jail, 22-year old Marie didn't know h (read entire article)
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By: Ruth Zanes
Suppose that the human mind is nothing more than a bio-computer and that the function of this computer is to get its owner exactly what he says he wan (read entire article)
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By: Ruth Zanes
Updating my will has been on my mind for quite some time now. Life circumstances change, kids grow-up, financial situations changes. I procrastinated (read entire article)
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By: "Dangerous" Debbie Jenkins
REPRINT GUIDELINES=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=You are free to publish the following article in it'sentirety (read entire article)
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By: V. Michael Santoro, M. Ed.
It is important that as a parent, you create a flexible environment that supports your teen, and provides her with the opportunity to grow into a self (read entire article)
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By: keith barton
A monthly newsletter for new mainstream fiction writers is offfered. Topics include: character development, plot design, setting, pacing, hooks, e (read entire article)
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By: Sterling Rauseo
Coaching that transforms is coaching to looks at the language, boy and emotions. Understanding the vlaue that coaching can play in making life dec (read entire article)
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By: Deborah Caruana RN, MES, CPT
Fitness Coaching Are you Ready? What do you want?· Do you want to improve your level of fitness?· Are you ready to develop a fit lifes (read entire article)
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By: David Huizar & Matt Zavadil
"How can I become a better and more effective coach?" We hear this question frequently and there's obviously more than one answer. Today, let's explor (read entire article)
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By: Susan Dunn, MA Clinical Psychology, The EQ Co
Please consider this article for your website or eZine. Permission to reprint if byline stays intact and links are active. You may change the title if (read entire article)
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By: Elizabeth Savino
Have you ever wondered what enables some people to make positive changes throughout their lives while others seem to be standing still in situations that they are clearly unhappy with? What enables s (read entire article)
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By: Hans Bool
“Sometimes I can really hate myself. I'm showing off again.” Sounds familiar? It does to me. And I know that being a good consultant the only thing you basically need to do is to listen.How can y (read entire article)
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By: Linda Markley
Quick QuizAre you often blown off course by outside forces?Do you ever feel discontented with what you're doing?Do you feel that, rather than doing what is meaningful to you, you are ‘just getti (read entire article)
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By: Brad Swift
Having been a professional coach for over 16 years, and having been in over a dozen coaching relationships as a client during that time, I've had the opportunity to examine what makes coaching so powe (read entire article)
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By: Sarah Jane Keyser
The pill and then the skill. If you are serious about changing your life, medication alone may not be sufficient. Why? If you are an adult who has grown up with an under functioning brain you probably (read entire article)
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By: Deb Melton
“Confidence in yourself and your abilities is key to your success. Learning to be 100% yourself breeds confidence. It takes courage to be 100% yourself and risk. But it is worth it. Be true to yours (read entire article)
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By: Dave Origano
Actually there is one big reason why people will fail on their path to success and balance - the lack of a coach. The coaching is an essental part of your process of personal growth. Let me explain wh (read entire article)
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By: Brad Swift
"I have heard it said that heroism can be redefined for our age as the ability to tolerate paradox, to embrace seemingly opposing forces without rejecting one or the other just for the sheer relief of (read entire article)
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By: Olena Gill
In the course of life, each person is the both the architect and builder. That means that every step of the way, we design and create our lives the way we want it. But what about the steps leading up (read entire article)
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By: Grant Pasay
Getting a personal coach can be the single most important decision in a person's life. For many, it's like having a second chance at growing up -- except they get to choose their teachers this time.Bu (read entire article)
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By: Josh Hinds
Missed Opportunities aren't all bad. If you're like most people you've had your share of missed opportunities. You know, those things you would like to have seen happen that for whatever reason just d (read entire article)
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By: Brad Swift
I have certain parameters for what is truth for me. When I hear something new, something that may stretch me a bit, I put it through my "truth sieve." I have to sift through it to make sure it is true (read entire article)
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By: Marcia Wieder
Definition of Coaching Coaching is an ongoing professional relationship that helps people produce extraordinary results in their lives, careers, businesses or organizations. Through the process of c (read entire article)
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By: Ed Sykes
Recently, I was watching a rerun of the successful television show, The Cosby Show. The patriarch of this professional family (He is a doctor and his wife is a lawyer.) played by Bill Cosby, was j (read entire article)
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By: Doris Helmering
"WE HAVE a communication problem." Often this is the response I hear when I ask a couple why they've come for marriage counseling. When I start questioning them about what this statement really means (read entire article)
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By: Hyacinth Fraser
1. Go that extra mile.2. Offer to do something, whether leading a project, writing a report; before being asked.3. Have a solutions attitude. State the problem and rehearse the solution. Spend no mo (read entire article)
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By: Andy Britnell
Nobody in business can fail to have noticed the recent rise in the number of coaches and consultants offering their services. But how do you go about finding a coach who will give you a return on you (read entire article)
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By: Ken Donaldson
In being a resident of the Tampa Bay area since 1979 I have had front line exposure to the highs and (mostly) lows of our local professional football team, the Buccaneers. However, in 2003, for the fi (read entire article)
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By: Caroline Jordan
Managing cash flow is every small business owner's most important function. Avoid these seven deadly mistakes to make sure you aren't creating cash flow problems in your coaching practice.1. Using the (read entire article)
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By: Jennifer Koretsky
For adults with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), details are a drag. We tend to see the big picture and want to jump straight to the finish line, wishing we could skip all the steps in between. Unf (read entire article)
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By: Dr. Robert A. Eubanks
How many more servings of the daytime self-help salad will it take to sooth your appetite? To actually get your life to where you want it to be? To actually start seeing changes for yourself rather th (read entire article)
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By: John Di Lemme
The "little bit extra" is a very powerful concept to put into practice today in every aspect of your life. The difference between being ordinary and being extraordinary is that little bit EXTRA. The (read entire article)
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By: Judy Rushfeldt
Joey rises before dawn to pack his lunch, eager for morning to arrive so he can board the city bus that transports him to his job at a souvenir production facility. From 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m., Joe (read entire article)
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By: Judy Rushfeldt
I was never much of an athlete growing up. Notoriously clumsy, I was ostracized by our school volleyball and basketball teams. Nevertheless, there was one sport in which I excelled - running. Year aft (read entire article)
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By: Michael Hrenko
A positive attitude may bring good health and success. If you have ever read any book about success you will discover how an optimistic attitude will keep you healthier and tremendously increase your (read entire article)
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By: Dawn Fields
I know you probably have heard of the movie, “The Wizard of Oz” right? Well, for those of you, who have somehow managed to miss this movie, let me give you a brief description of it.A young lad (read entire article)
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By: Jennifer Koretsky
As adults with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), we often find ourselves excited by new ideas and plans, but overwhelmed by what it will take to reach the goals.Many of my coaching clients find themse (read entire article)
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By: Rachelle Disbennett-Lee
Settling is about not embracing what is best for you, and accepting what you really don't want. When you settle, you accept less than you deserve. Settling becomes a habit and a way of life, but it (read entire article)
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By: Wayne Mitchell
In my husband's family, family members send Christmas cards to other family members (parents to children, brothers and sisters to one another, etc.) even though the family always spends time together (read entire article)
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By: Wayne Mitchell
My sister is a woman now beginning her thirties. She has had few friends and her boyfriends have never been good for her. Now she has finally found a man who adores her.They had an affair nine years (read entire article)
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By: Susan Dunn
A friend called me the other day from Lower Alabama. He has followed my career as a coach with enthusiasm, and continually refers clients to me, and I'm sure has done his part for making coaching kno (read entire article)
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By: Barbara Becker Holstein
As winter descends we begin to feel the chill of shorter days and less sunlight. For many of us, less hours of light combined with colder temperatures results in us feel less light emotionally. For s (read entire article)
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By: Barbara Becker Holstein
I am remembering and have a desire to share with you, a beautiful story told to me by a young lady. It was the end of the World War II and her dad was returning home. He came from a very close network (read entire article)
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By: Joanne Victoria
As a healthy business owner or independent professional, how do you end your year? Well, I tell my clients to stop working. That's right, stop working. The kind of work I'm talking about is the work o (read entire article)
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By: Dr. Leif Smith
Seeking improved performance at work? Wishing you could finally achieve your sports-related goals? Merely looking for a way to get more out of everything you do? What follows are five basic skills (ba (read entire article)
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By: Andrew Abernathy
Knowing more about who you are will give you the insight for your future goals.Where are you going?This isn't about location...It's about focus and achievement in your life. Pretty big stuff, but not (read entire article)
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