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Articles about motivation.

By: Jeanie Marshall
Did you see the film, "Field of Dreams"? Probably. And, if not, I suggest that you rent the video. Even if you have not viewed the film personally, you at least know its most famous line, repeated (read entire article)
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By: Doug Firebaugh
"Do what you can, with what you have, with where you are..." Theodore RooseveltStart.Just start.Nike says it -- "Just Do It!(tm)"In WildFire Success, we say "Just Start!"Doesn't matter if you do not (read entire article)
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By: Devon D. Harris
I hope that over the last two issues you actually invested the time to identify the goals that would have the most significant impact on your life once achieved, determine the steps you need to take t (read entire article)
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By: Fatimah Musa
Many people dread the times when they are left alone. They feel a sense of emptiness or boredom. They start to look out for things to do or people to talk to. Some get into habits like shopping, eatin (read entire article)
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By: Wes Hopper
"It is easy to go nowhere. It requires no energy and has no risk except that of being left behind. To go forward and run ahead is a supreme test." - Alan Newhouse, NASALast week I was at a meeting of (read entire article)
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By: Katie Byrd
Although it's true that most successful people spend more time working to achieve their goals than others, there are many people who work hard, but don't accomplish the success they want. How come? Wh (read entire article)
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By: Ann Stewart
What's a prize? When we think of that word, we envision playing the lottery and winning the big prize. The dictionary defines the word prize as: accolade, award, reward, or honor. Consider something e (read entire article)
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By: Michael Angier
"Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is the probable reason why so few engag (read entire article)
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By: Saro Saravanan
In Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Professor Dumbledore "casts away" his thoughts into his "pensieve". That's a powerful metaphor for what people need to be doing in real life.Life's very bu (read entire article)
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By: Kevin Eikenberry
We'll all been there. Ballplayers call it a slump. Some call it a lull or a funk. These are the times when you don't seem to have as much energy or passion for your work. You can't seem to get as e (read entire article)
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By: Ricardo Leal
I am going to tell you the basic formula of how to get everything you have ever dreamed of, everything you have ever wanted, and I am going to do it free!Yes, FREE!Thats right, Im not going to charge (read entire article)
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By: Joan Clout-Kruse
Are you an acute procrastinator? I was. Fifteen years ago I made a new promise to myself and wrote these words. "I am an introverted, procrastinating perfectionist who is striving to be an extro (read entire article)
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By: Debbie Gisonni
Have you ever watched a musician perform? I'm not talking about just listening, but really watching their body movements and facial expressions? Once I saw a Santana concert on TV. I've always love (read entire article)
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By: Terje Ellingsen
Just look around you, it's a beautiful world out there. Life is wonderful provided you have the time and can afford to sit back and enjoy the simple pleasures of life. This is a feeling that hits us e (read entire article)
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By: Rodney Muhammad
L.E.A.R.N.(Listen, Elicit (be drawn forth, what is latent or potential), Ask, Repeat and Nurture)Do you currently live in the town where you grew up or spent most of your formative years? Do you (read entire article)
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By: Steve Pavlina
What's your greatest strength? Can you identify it?I'm not saying your greatest strength is necessarily unique, and it probably won't put any comic book heroes to shame. But if you can identify any st (read entire article)
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By: Steve Pavlina
Just as salespeople might have monthly sales quotas to meet, you can apply the concept of quotas to your personal productivity as well. I use this technique often and have found it highly effective fo (read entire article)
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By: Steve Pavlina
In 1992 I first learned of the habit of reading one book every week (on average), with most of them being in the field in which you desire to develop expertise. This translates to about 50 books a yea (read entire article)
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By: Steve Pavlina
Habit #7 in Steve Covey's The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People is called “Sharpen the Saw.” Covey uses the common analogy of a woodcutter who is sawing for several days straight and is becoming (read entire article)
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By: Kavit Haria
Of course, as musicians, we love gigs! What we're also aware of is the two major obstacles in the way of actually getting up there and performing. The first is actually getting the gig. We'd go to mos (read entire article)
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By: Tracy Brinkmann
“Motivation is the spark that lights the fire of knowledge and fuels the engine of accomplishment. It maximizes and maintains momentum” – Zig ZiglarWell I can think of no better way to fire up (read entire article)
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By: Graham Harris
Do you want to overcome those invisible walls that stop you achieving in life? Do you want to rise above those oppressive, learned rules and behaviours that keep you doing what you don't want to do? D (read entire article)
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By: Lance Winslow
Are you poor? Being poor is not a negative thing you need to think of it as being on the ground floor with unlimited opportunity. For instance many people who are not poor are stuck in dead end jobs t (read entire article)
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By: John Watson
Since 1831, when it was founded, the French Foreign Legion has intrigued people all around the world. The heroism and endurance of the legionnaires has become a byword. Surely all of us can learn some (read entire article)
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By: Aruna Ladva
How many of us today truly concentrate? Most of the time we try to do many things at once, multi-task, attempting to squeeze more into life and in the process sacrificing quality. Gradually the abil (read entire article)
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By: Jim Donovan
Recently, I was driving past a local nursery and saw a sign that said, "Fall Is For Planting." As I drove, the idea on the sign was gnawing away at me. I asked myself, "what am I planting for fall?" W (read entire article)
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By: Ian Canaway
Here are a few commonly held beliefs, or "myths," that hold many of us back from achieving success...Myth #1: I don't have what it takes to be successful and wealthy.Fact: Successful people were not b (read entire article)
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By: Usiere Uko
Taking action about our current station in life involves taking responsibility for our current state of affairs. When we acknowledge that we are the main culprits with regards to where we are now, we (read entire article)
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By: Usiere Uko
In our information age, having the right knowledge at the right time can make the difference between failure and success. Knowledge, gained through experience makes one an expert in any field.We have (read entire article)
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By: Murray Hughes
A Mastermind is a group of individuals who are joined in purpose. All bringing their collective talents and experiences to the achievement of a common goal.When people join together in a combined effo (read entire article)
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By: Donna Monday
"M" is for Motivation.What motivates you to do a good job?Is it a sense of achievement?Recognition for a job well done?Helping people?Desire for responsibility?Solving problems?Making more money? (read entire article)
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By: Clive Taylor
It is being suggested here that we have only one real choice in life:To let go of fear and resistance and be taken by the flow of life, or, to fight, screaming all the way, as the flow of life takes u (read entire article)
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By: Usiere Uko
The fear of failure is more deadly than failure itself. The fear of failure paints so many imaginary scenarios which petrifies you and renders you immobile. Most folks have buried their dreams because (read entire article)
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By: Graham Hunt
Your ability to perform in life is determined by a number of factors:(1)The package you received when you were born (i.e. whether you are in a male or female body, whether you have all the right bits (read entire article)
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By: Richard Vegas
Are you afraid of your own best ideas? Do you ever have that cold chill run up your spine just about the time you feel you're ready to take hold of that golden opportunity that comes once in a lifetim (read entire article)
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By: Nicholas Dixon
Against all odds. I think that should be the motto of every person that is striving to be successful. The "odds" can be almost be anything: a lack of money, a lack of experience, a lack of self estee (read entire article)
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By: Andrew Lawrence
Everyone has a life purpose; a unique and special something each of us is supposed to do in LIFE. A life purpose is not a specific job or career, it is much deeper and much more fulfilling. Now, you c (read entire article)
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By: Edward Toupin
I hear many people discuss how selfishness leads to greed, or that being greedy is part of being selfish. I simply have to say that "greed" and "selfishness" are not the same things. These are "valu (read entire article)
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By: Maya Talisman Frost
It was Socrates who said that the purpose of philosophy is to help each of us become “an excellent human”. That seems like a respectable and reasonable big-picture goal for every person on the pla (read entire article)
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By: Mike Litman
I want to share with you a powerful principle that I've used to change my life and that you can use to unleash your greatness.Tiger Woods knows this.Bruce Springsteen knows this.Oprah Winfrey knows th (read entire article)
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By: Abel Cheng
I was having coffee with my friend the other day. He just joined a multi-level marketing company. The company sells aromatherapy products that improve air quality and help people to have a healthier l (read entire article)
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By: Ke o agile Khiba
The IDEAL Problem Solver is an effective tool you can use to attack your problems. If you are used to getting on your horse and riding in all directions when faced with a problem, you may find the IDE (read entire article)
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By: Skye Thomas
The inner critic is that voice inside your head that tells you that you aren't good enough, smart enough, talented enough, pretty enough, or strong enough. It nags and natters at you to the point tha (read entire article)
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By: Gene Simmons
“Blankey” – as in Security Blankey. OK? All parents know what this is. Sometimes it's an actual “blankey”, or it may be a pillow, a doll or some other favorite toy or scrap of material. (read entire article)
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By: O'Vivian
I've had a vast array of job experiences. While in high school, I worked as maid for a local motel. While attending college, I worked as an office worker in the Sociology Department and Museum of Fine (read entire article)
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By: Gene Simmons
“Nope, this just ain't good!” How many times in our lives have we had those or similar words bouncing around inside our skulls? Yeah, I've lost count, too!There are usually only a few reasons th (read entire article)
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By: Martin Haworth
In the form of a simple easy to use checklist, you can score how well you are doing out of 10. Better still, ask them. It's like what they describe as a mini-360o, where your people get the chance to (read entire article)
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By: Kate Hufstetler
Have you ever read something like this as a "way to increase motivation"? :"When you open your eyes get yourself excited to be awake each new day !! Joy is contagious, and so is pessimism! Tell yourse (read entire article)
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By: Deirdre McEachern
As many of you know I have a passion for helping people identify their dreams and go after them. What you may not know is that (much to my surprise) I have uncovered a spiritual aspect to my work.I us (read entire article)
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By: Maria E. Andreu
Every passing minute.When I first heard this line, in the movie Vanilla Sky, it struck a powerful chord in me. Sure, it's a sentiment I'd heard countless times before, that at any given moment you co (read entire article)
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