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Articles about cellular communication, cell phones, and portable phones.

By: James Hunt
PDA (personal digital assistant) devices are more useful than ever. What began as a convenient way to store contacts and calendars has evolved into a new conduit for information in the digital age. (read entire article)
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By: Michael Russell
Ring tones. Bet you never thought you'd see the day when the sound your mobile phone made when it rang would be such a hot item. Welcome to the 21st century.Ring tones are hotter than Cameron Diaz o (read entire article)
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By: Jim Coleby
There are just a few tips that will help you increase the life span of your cell phone and cell phone battery. Below we are going to outline (read entire article)
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By: Arnie Jacobsen
Cellular spam is no joke! "Man, I'm so sick of getting spam messages on my email.""No sooner do I set up a new account, but th (read entire article)
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By: vince ohare
The Hottest thing with cell phones is the ability to take pictures with your cell phone. You can take pictures with your cell phone and e-mail t (read entire article)
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By: Mike Yeager
Prepaid cellular phone means you pay in advance for your monthly anytime minutes that you will be using. It has the flexibility and freedom to stay i (read entire article)
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By: Tim Gorman
Cellular phones are an amazing modern convenience, but it can be confusing for consumers to distinguish between the various options available. There a (read entire article)
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By: Prepaid Wireless Direct
Business Owners!Increase Profits and Attract New BusinessWere you aware that there are literally millions of US households that do not (read entire article)
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By: Shaunta Pleasant
Everyone who has looked around recently knows how incredibly popular cell phones are. These days it seems that everyone, from the youngest child to the oldest grandparent, has a cell phone to their e (read entire article)
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By: Michael Weaver
Is cellular service in the US really all about the network? In some cases, the answer is yes, it does. Any reliable on-line quote for service should come with detailed information on the vendors' cove (read entire article)
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By: Simon Johnson
Traditionally, laptop computers were bought by people who had to be able to take their computer with them when they left the office, such as the salesman visiting a customer. It always used to be the (read entire article)
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By: Mark Berger
I was skeptical - after I upgraded my stock stereo to aftermarket, I was unable to change my heat/air conditioner system's settings for some time as my friend cut the heating harness while working on (read entire article)
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By: Rene Tse
Mobile phones with Ultra high speed Internet connection promises a lot, are we there yet?Imagine flipping open your mobile phone and being able to check the balance on your bank account, finding the l (read entire article)
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By: Sybren B
Accessories for a cell phone, for example the Motorola Razr V3 which launched in autumn 2004, has a built-in accessory: the digital camera with zoom, but we're not talking here about this really (read entire article)
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By: Hans Dekker
When it comes time to buying replacement speakers for a car audio system, there are several mistakes which are commonly made. Be sure to read this handy guide to avoid the five most common mistakes w (read entire article)
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By: Marco Barra
As more and more of us become owners of the latest camera phones and are able to capture information at a touch of a button, a new trend is being set in the world of journalism.To set the scene, let's (read entire article)
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By: Mark J
The new generation of mobile phones users have become more than simply talkers. With the onset of new technological advances, including peer to peer methods and computer-pervaded environments, it is b (read entire article)
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By: Leon Chaddock
Many people find that the best way for you to communicate is through the use of a satellite-phone. This is especially true in remote locations where there is very little mobile phone coverage. The g (read entire article)
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By: Gene Leshinsky
Does that necessarily mean that there are no terrorist communications happening, or does it simply mean that terrorists have found other effective ways to get their twisted plots across continents? Th (read entire article)
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By: Susan Daniel
Staying connected with a cell phone has become a way of life for most people. As a result, there are many types of cell phones on the market. Knowing what is important to you in a phone can help yo (read entire article)
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By: David Lear
The body is just mind-bogglingly amazing. I mean, when you think of all the complicated bio-physiological things it does by itself without your help…So what's up with all of that when you get sick? (read entire article)
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By: Lynella Grant
Local Businesses have Been Slow to Capitalize on Search Engine NoticeYellow Page directory usage has been falling for years. But most merchants who've always relied on their directory listing for new (read entire article)
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By: Everton Blair
How successful is 3G REALLY in the UK? I'm getting mixed messages about 3G take-up in the UK. On one hand, 3 announce that they have added 3m subscribers (, (read entire article)
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