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Articles on allergies.

By: Susan Dunn
Writing this from Dallas, Texas one of the ragweed hotspots of the nation, I'm particularly aware of "allergies" and the havoc they can cause. Here are some facts about allergies:More than 50 mil (read entire article)
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By: Balaji B
When the immune system in our body finds or realizes anything as foreign to the body, it immediately releases some antibodies like histamines to (read entire article)
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By: Beverly Marshall
Do you suffer from allergies or asthma? If you are one of the millions of people that do, air filters and air purifiers provide much needed relief. (read entire article)
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By: Thomas Ogren
A Dozen Tips for Producing Low-Allergy GardensÓ Thomas Leo OgrenWhat we plant often has a direct effect on our own health and (read entire article)
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By: Peter Smithson
The allergy seasons are a real challenge, especially if youwear contact lenses. A chronic allergy to mold, pet danderor other environmental al (read entire article)
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By: Mayur Vibhakar
More than 50 million Americans suffer from allergic diseases. A recent nationwide survey found that more than half (54.6 percent) of all U.S citizens test positive to one or more allergens; among s (read entire article)
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By: Jane Thurnell-Read
Sadly more and more children are suffering from allergies, and there are certain signs that indicate when allergies are causing or significantly contributing to health problems. Here's a short list of (read entire article)
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By: Deborah Mumm
Childhood Asthma - Getting Your Child Off Allergy MedicationsA child with asthma and allergies may not know that asthma and allergies is the number #1 chronic childhood disease.He also may not know th (read entire article)
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By: Bill Urell
Do your eyes get itchy, red, and irritated? Itchy, red eyes can be the result of many different causes. Perhaps you were in a smoke infested environment that caused your eyes to itch. Maybe you hav (read entire article)
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