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Articles about malpractice.

By: Karen Nodalo
Medical practices are some of the causes of pain and suffering among the American Families. The bad news is that it affects the babies in some situation. Researches have shown that around two millio (read entire article)
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By: Gerry Oginski
He helps navigate the murky waters that can trap an unknowing victim into muck and mire.When a person slips and falls, causing injury, your lawyer needs to find out why you slipped.Was there a defect (read entire article)
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By: Gerry Oginski
1. Brenda D'Client comes into my office with many problems."My doctor did my plastic surgery wrong. I can see my scar. See, look close, it's a line right below my belly. He promised me I wouldn't have (read entire article)
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By: Gerry Oginski
The answer is simple.The reason some people seek out a big city law firm for their malpractice case is because they feel that only a New York City law firm can handle their type of case. Or, the injur (read entire article)
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By: Gerry Oginski
As a plaintiff's attorney representing injured victims, the answer is no.Why then did a female trial lawyer in Mineola, Long Island agree to accept a trial judge onto her jury panel in a medical malpr (read entire article)
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By: Leon Chaddock
Finding effective medical malpractice lawyers to handle your case completely and thoroughly may seem like a difficult thing to do. Many of the lawyers that you come across, will not seem that high in (read entire article)
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By: Gerry Oginski
1. We can't prove the doctor did something wrong.What do I mean? In order to prove a malpractice case in New York, your lawyer must prove that your doctor or hospital departed from good medical care. (read entire article)
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By: Gerry Oginski
Being injured is no fun. Not knowing where to turn, who to trust, and what to do about your medical bills is frustrating.Most people will never need a malpractice lawyer. That's good. Most people will (read entire article)
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By: Gerry Oginski
Despite popular opinion about the “skyrocketing” increase in malpractice suits and awards, the number of suits has not increased since 1996, and in most cases, plaintiffs receive nothing. There a (read entire article)
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