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Articles about real estate inspections and home inspections.

By: Brandon Cornett
What Does a Home Inspector Do?In short, an inspector checks the safety and functionality of your potential home. Inspectors focus primarily on the structural and mechanical aspects of the home. Get a (read entire article)
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By: Wally Conway
As sure as the spring flows at The Fountain of Youth, home inspecting provides a stream of knowledge to wash away the fears of home buyers (read entire article)
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By: Wallace J. Conway
Homebuyers are a curious lot. They routinely ask thought-provoking questions. A common question is, "If I get a home inspection, should I (read entire article)
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By: Donald Lawson
Chances are if you’re reading this you’ve thought about becoming a home inspector. You may have even seen the ads that say you can make hundreds of do (read entire article)
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By: Mike Plank
Although architectural details, wall and floor coverings, modern conveniences and many other factors are important in the buying decision, the focus (read entire article)
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By: Kevin McMahon
One of the first questions I ask my clients when they hire me is if they had noticed anything about the home they have specific concerns about. I take extra time to look at the issue to either determi (read entire article)
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By: Gil Strachan
In real estate transactions, some things never change. Sellers usually feel they've given their house away, buyers believe they've paid too much and Realtors fear neither side will ever get to the clo (read entire article)
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By: Gil Strachan
THE BIG PICTUREThe first step in inspecting a home is to examine the big picture for the home. Notice the area the home is located in. Are there other homes of similar age and construction details (read entire article)
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By: Gil Strachan
Congratulations! You've found the perfect home and now it's time to do the offer and finalize the deal. If you're like many people, you may be feeling a cash crunch by this time. You might be wonderin (read entire article)
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By: Gil Strachan
The future of real estate?* Home inspections have traditionally been for the benefit of the purchaser.* Pre-inspected listings benefit all parties - purchasers, vendors and Realtors.Deals ar (read entire article)
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By: Gil Strachan
Print this list for a handy reference, when you're interviewing home inspectors.QUESTIONS1. How long have you been in the homeinspection business?2. How many resale home inspections has yourfirm com (read entire article)
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By: Gil Strachan
Since we opened our doors in 1994, we have taken a very liberal approach with clients who claim to be unhappy with our service. But over recent years we have seen a steady shift in some of our client (read entire article)
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By: Mark Nash
These tips are excerpted from my four real estate book: "1001 Tips for Buying and Selling a Home" by Mark Nash. ISBN: 0324232896 Thomson/South-Western 2004.37 Know what to expect from a home inspector (read entire article)
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By: Gil Strachan
Congratulations! You've found the perfect home, and now it's time to do the offer and close the deal. If you're like many people, you may be feeling a cash crunch by this time. You may be wondering w (read entire article)
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