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Home Office

Articles about home offices.

By: Kristie Tamsevicius
One of the great privileges of the direct selling profession is being able to work from home. But with the freedom of your career, also come the challenges. The sink is full of dishes, your son left (read entire article)
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By: Roger King
Home office decorating has become a necessity, but the big question is where do you put all that stuff? A complete home office would only require a personal computer on a compact cart; a single un (read entire article)
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By: Robert D. Flach
As a self-employed sole proprietor you can deduct as an ordinary and necessary business expense the costs of a qualifying home office on Schedule C.If you are an employee of your own one-man corporati (read entire article)
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By: Judy Gunderson
Whether you work outside the home or have a home based business, utilizing Feng Shui techniques can be very important and rewarding.Use your personal KUA number to activate the sectors of your office (read entire article)
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By: Karen S. Weiner
Lighting for home offices is something that most people don't spend much time contemplating. Just think back to the old movies where you would see a guy at a typewriter, his desk covered in scattered (read entire article)
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By: Melissa Galt
With telecommuting becoming more popular, and work hours always longer, even one to two days a week at home now requires the establishment of a productive niche, if not a room for career success. Whet (read entire article)
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By: Karen S. Weiner
There are two ways that you can go about selecting the general decor of your home office: either follow the style that prevails in the rest of your home, or treat your office as an individual space. C (read entire article)
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By: Evelyn Lim
1. Clearly separate your work area from your bedroom.It will be ideal if you have an extra room in your house or den to turn into a study. However, having this luxury may not always be the case. You (read entire article)
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By: Chris De La Rosa
How to do keep track of all you have to do on a daily basis? How about things that have to get done this week?.. How about for the month? I used to be a pen and paper guy..everything I had to get done (read entire article)
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