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Contract Law

Articles about contract law.

By: Julie Butts
A Professional Pet Sitter provides in-home pet care while you?re away. Keeping your dog at home helps maintain his normal eating and exercising r (read entire article)
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By: Martin Haworth
Performance contracts. Performance management - useful or major challenges? They are easier if they are kept simple, through strong and trusting relationships built and people effectively managed thro (read entire article)
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By: David Andrew Smith
If you are a new business just starting out into the world of contract cleaning then your immediate aim is to gather as many new customers as you can and constantly grow the business. The initial stag (read entire article)
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By: Luigi Frascati
No matter where you live in North America, you must have seen some humoristic vignettes depicting a not-so-trustworthy Realtor intent at selling a house to some innocent-looking couple. My favorite vi (read entire article)
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By: Allan Mackintosh
An essential step in managing the performance of salespeople is that of establishing a sound and agreed contract between manager and the salesperson. A contract in this context is simply an agreement (read entire article)
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By: Lance Winslow
Recently I got to talking with a gentleman at a coffee shop who was concerned with changes due to the Patriots Act I and II and being a studier of historical record he began to explain to me the signi (read entire article)
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