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Articles about home & garden issues.

By: Jeff Slokum
Fresh cut flowers all spring and summer are one of the bonuses of having a flower garden. Wouldn’t you love to extend that bonus throughout the year? (read entire article)
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By: Lala C. Ballatan
For a family, one of the foundations to have a loving and peaceful home is when family members stay healthy and live well. Staying healthy is equivale (read entire article)
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By: Jason Miller
A reciprocation saw is simply one of the handiest tools you can o (read entire article)
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By: Tom
When you are looking for top-quality information about welding, it will be intricate separating value packed information from misguided welding submi (read entire article)
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By: Wally Conway
Few times in the life of a homeowner can be more challenging than when significant repairs are needed. The number of issues, options and decisions (read entire article)
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By: Teddy LCc.
Nowadays, I am sure that you are seeing ads for free satellite TV everywhere. It is even more significant now as Dish Network and DirecTV, the two (read entire article)
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By: Ron King
Indoors or out, you'll find miniature roses very easy to grow. These little guys sometimes get overlooked because they give off little fragrance, yet (read entire article)
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By: Teddy Low
The path of United States HDTV world: A brief on United States HDTV The history of High definition television, HDTV in United (read entire article)
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By: Keith Kingston
Home décor tips can bedroom from a messy, dirty cave where you hide your filth into a peaceful oasis in which you seek solace from the everyday cr (read entire article)
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By: Elizabeth Morgan
As a homeowner, you should be familiar with the location of your circuit breaker panel. In most homes, the circuit breaker box is located in the laund (read entire article)
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By: Joey Lewitin
Kitchens have an inherent decoration to them that makes further stylistic additions an unnecessary frill. Walls, floors, and fixtures are very expens (read entire article)
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By: J.A Carpunky
The Wild Spikenard also goes by the names of False Solomon's Seal, and Solomon's Zig-zag. Its scientific name is Smilacina racemosa. This plant has wh (read entire article)
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By: Juliette Adams
We've all felt stress in our lives. And we're left wondering what's the best way to try and deal with it.Some exercise, others v (read entire article)
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By: Jack Hudson
Thinking about building a Log Cabin? This is how your determineyour foundationThere are at least three types of foundation that may be use (read entire article)
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By: Maria Palma
Home decorating on a budget is the ultimate adventure in decorating. It requires a little bit of planning, creativity, and patience. If yo (read entire article)
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By: Dean Novosat
If you live in an older house, say 50 or 60 years or older, there is a good likelihood that you have plaster on your walls. Plaster walls were very co (read entire article)
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By: Terry Weadock
Now that you have purchased some fine wood furniture, it is important to take proper care of it. With some basic care, your fine furniture can last fo (read entire article)
Viewed: 609 Times
By: Jay Shoemaker
CONTACT: Jay Shoemaker, http://www.floridaghosthunters.comBy Jay ShoemakerSept. 10, 2005FLORIDA GHOST HUNTERS JOINED BY OHIO STAT (read entire article)
Viewed: 722 Times
By: Keith Kingston
If you don't want to be standing out in the cold arguing with a snowblower that doesn't want to run, then do the annual maintenance before the snow st (read entire article)
Viewed: 741 Times
By: Olivia Filipetto
When decorating your home or room, picking a color scheme can be a daunting experience. You worry that you may pick the wrong color and need to st (read entire article)
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By: Liz Beresford
If sheer curtains appeal but you can’t sleep with the moonlight and early morning sunshine streaming in, then fit a slim blackout blind unobtrusi (read entire article)
Viewed: 644 Times
By: Nicole Martins
Shopping online for a Tiffany style lamp offers variety in both style and brand and you will find reproduction stained glass lighting at affordable p (read entire article)
Viewed: 740 Times
By: John Bri
To many people, “tarp” conjures an image of a crumpled canvas in the corner of the garage, or maybe that shiny blue plastic sheet in the hardware stor (read entire article)
Viewed: 660 Times
By: Alison Cole
Decks are one of the favorite family hangouts during spring, summer and fall months. Enjoying the open air and barbeques is often creates pleasant and (read entire article)
Viewed: 736 Times
By: Mike Spencer
A brief history - Ceiling fans first originated in hot, tropical countries with somewhat poor economies. It might sound ironical but it is true tha (read entire article)
Viewed: 626 Times
By: Carlos Mello
The Awnings can be made with transparent plasticsBy Carlos Mello The Awning crystal, known as " transparent " curtain, it is indic (read entire article)
Viewed: 649 Times
By: Nicholas Webb
By: Nicholas WebbBuying discount patio furniture can be a very economical way to obtain quality furniture for your patio ... if you know how. (read entire article)
Viewed: 670 Times
By: Matthew Anthony
There may be many reasons not to replace your current windows with double glazing windows. (read entire article)
Viewed: 670 Times
By: Tom
Searching for the most up-to-date opinion relating to vinyl flooring. When you are on the lookout for top-quality information relating to vinyl f (read entire article)
Viewed: 759 Times
By: Tom
Searching for the most informative advice pertaining to sprinklers system. When you are trying to find superior information relating to sprinkler (read entire article)
Viewed: 695 Times
By: Nico De Baere
Hiring a professional electrician can be very expensive and is often the reason why people try doing their own basic electric wiring themselves. (read entire article)
Viewed: 654 Times
By: Bambi Coker
Roses – Creating Beautiful Cut RosesMany gardeners like to enjoy their roses twice — first in the garden, then indoors as cut flowers. By choo (read entire article)
Viewed: 790 Times
By: Andrew Caxton
Reel lawn mowers can totally make the difference for your garden in terms of effectiveness. Since most homeowners still think that expensive mowers ar (read entire article)
Viewed: 379 Times
By: Mark D. Tyrol, P.E.
Imagine leaving a window open all winter long -- the heat loss, cold drafts and wasted energy! If your home has a folding attic stair, fir (read entire article)
Viewed: 597 Times
By: Michele Lum
Imagine having a new colleague who seems so nice that you feel suspicious about her motives. To be on the safe side, you decided to test her by inv (read entire article)
Viewed: 601 Times
By: Owen Gerrard
The reasons for installing cctv cameras are the same whether you own a home or busine (read entire article)
Viewed: 681 Times
By: Tom
Seeking the latest opinion relating to security. When you are on the lookout for better information about security, it will be intricate separati (read entire article)
Viewed: 636 Times
By: Tom
Seeking the best sourced assistance relating to bedroom decorating ideas. When you are in search of better advice about bedroom decorating ideas, (read entire article)
Viewed: 616 Times
By: Alison Cole
If you want a durable gazebo but the price of a metal gazebo is beyond your means, the durability you seek can be found in vinyl gazebo models. (read entire article)
Viewed: 699 Times
By: Skip Lombardi
I'm amazed at how often I get e-mail from a disgruntled home cook, lamenting the fact that, once again, a dish of pasta has turned into a (read entire article)
Viewed: 702 Times
By: Pamela Cole Harris
Need a new headboard, but don't have a fortune to spend? How about using things you already have or things that others may want to discard to (read entire article)
Viewed: 727 Times
By: J. Baker
Choosing plantation shutters for form or function? Plantation shutters offer both to today’s homeowner. These unique window treatments trace their ro (read entire article)
Viewed: 669 Times
By: Pamela Cole Harris
If you like the soft look of watercolors, why not try using a color wash on your walls? In addition to a softer color, color washing can accentuate (read entire article)
Viewed: 433 Times
By: Patrick Condon
When a family decides to finish a basement space, there are so many factors to consider it can seem overwhelming. What does your family wa (read entire article)
Viewed: 390 Times
By: Judi Singleton
Bathroom remodeling ranks up there with kitchen remodeling in the U.S.I thought when I thought I should remodel my bathroom that a simple spruce (read entire article)
Viewed: 389 Times
By: Larry Westfall
Site drainage problemsInspect the grounds of your old house for drainage problemsObserve the drainage pattern of the entire property, (read entire article)
Viewed: 2279 Times
By: Raynor James
In rural home purchases, the transaction is often subject to a satisfactory home inspection being done. Any imperfections are usually corrected during (read entire article)
Viewed: 631 Times
By: Alison Cole
The term “upright” vacuum cleaners came into existence when the Hoover Company attached the bag where the debris from the carpet was deposited onto th (read entire article)
Viewed: 741 Times
By: Garry John
Venetian blinds, or as they’re sometimes called, window blinds, are composed of thin slats of aluminum (read entire article)
Viewed: 769 Times
By: Tammy Clayton
Copyright © 2005 Tammy ClaytonThis brightly colored bird has always been a romantic symbol for their unusual coloring as well as their gentle (read entire article)
Viewed: 753 Times

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