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Articles about obesity.

By: Kaye Bailey
As weight loss surgery becomes an increasingly popular treatment for morbid obesity misconceptions abound. Patients who undergo gastric bypass or gastric banding surgeries are often depressed and dis (read entire article)
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By: Tracie Johanson
In this series of articles we're examining the TIMING of fitness. As we found last time, WHEN we eat is almost as important as WHAT we eat. In this article we're going to take a look at WHEN we exerci (read entire article)
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By: Tracie Johanson
In this series of articles we're looking at nutrition. So far we've talked mainly about desserts, meat and veggies....which are the three components of most meals.As we wrap up our focus on 'what to e (read entire article)
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By: Tracie Johanson
Many of us have the same reasons for wanting to exercise and lose weight.....look better, feel better, lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, decreased risk of some cancers, lower risk of heart dise (read entire article)
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By: Marie Borges
Discover How To Burn Fat For Fast Weight Loss – Part 1Let's face it...seems like every time you turn your head, there is a new study done indicating that obesity and obesity related diseases are at (read entire article)
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By: Sharon Richards
A healthy body breeds a healthy mind and maintaining a fit and trim body is no child's play. But thanks to science for making various advances in the dieting arena, a varied range of pills are availab (read entire article)
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By: Mimi Tanner
Do you believe in negative calorie foods?It sounds almost too good to be true. Eating in reverse? The more you eat, the more you lose?Yes - it really is true.Here is how it works.You burn calories eve (read entire article)
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By: Ted Frazer
Resistance is not FutileWe all know that to lose weight requires a combination of corrective eating & exercise…but if only it was that simple.Within both “worlds” of dieting and exercise there a (read entire article)
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By: Sarah Tanner
If you are not at your goal weight, this is due to one thing only: something is holding you back. It's not what you are eating; it's how you are thinking. You may not believe that you can easily get (read entire article)
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By: P. Mehta
The problem of obesity and overweight has become very serious in recent years. This is due do poor eating habits and sedentary lifestyle. Best way to tackle obesity and overweight problem is to eat a (read entire article)
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By: Terje Ellingsen
Many weight loss dieters around the world are probably wondering if there are any foods that that have the ability to increase your fat metabolism which in turn aid the body's fat burning capability f (read entire article)
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By: Dr. Edward F. Group, III
Here's a look at some of the most common diets people are using.The Atkins DietThe Atkins diet is based on high protein, low-carbohydrate fare. It allows all of the meat and vegetables you want with n (read entire article)
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By: Greg Ryan
My name is Greg Ryan. I am a best selling author of online e-books, high profile fitness expert, former employee of the Kathy Smith, champion bodybuilder and CEO. I wish we would have met twenty years (read entire article)
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By: Greg Ryan
Dieting and Exercising – Results all the time!To be successful in keeping to an exercise program, you going to have to define results. Results for most mean weight on a scale, a dress size, the numb (read entire article)
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By: Jennifer Tran
Metabolism is the process by which your body changes food into living tissue and changes living tissue into energy and waste products. Metabolic Rate is the speed at which the body uses energy (burns (read entire article)
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By: Dr. Jamie Fettig
To upgrade the current software in your brain you can create external cues to help remind you and reinforce that changes.Create external upgrading cues with all 5 senses involved. Some types of extern (read entire article)
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By: Annette Colby
Finally — you are alone. No one else is around. Maybe you've waited until they are all soundly asleep. You find yourself in the kitchen sneaking food. Sometimes it's cake, sometimes it's ice cre (read entire article)
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By: Jimmie Newell
Obesity is quickly becoming the number one health issue confronting America today, and it's not just America, other countries are affected also. Obesity leads to a multitude of health problems includ (read entire article)
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By: Winston Ng
Have you ever wondered why some fat people can be playing tennis, swimming and jogging often, yet they never lose weight?Many overweight people began playing tennis, walking, running or swimming becau (read entire article)
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Millions of people spend billions of dollars, hoping to achieve the same thing, effective weight management. For years, many people have struggled to maintain a healthy weight and body. With a major (read entire article)
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By: Mandy Gibbons
Fat Loss in GeneralThis morning I conducted a search engine "search" on the word fat loss. "Fat Loss" and "Fat Loss Supplements", being the most popular keywords, came up with a combined 1800 links, i (read entire article)
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By: Corie Goodson
The most threatening epidemic facing Americans today is not a deadly virus, it is obesity and the resulting often deadly diseases it can cause, such as diabetes and cardiovascular conditions. In fact, (read entire article)
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By: John Mericle M.D.
Fifteen Secrets of Safe and Easy Permanent Weight Loss Revealed!* Nourish Your Body* Control Your Hunger* Take Control of What You Eat and Its Nutritional Density* Lower Your Insulin Levels* Stop All (read entire article)
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By: P. Mehta
What is negative calorie effect? Whatever food we eat, our body has to work hard to digest and absorb. There are certain foods that require more calories to digest than their own calories. The overal (read entire article)
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By: R.G. Srinivasan
Obesity is now assuming epidemic proportions. Worldwide there are over 1 billion overweight people and out of that more than 300 million in the obese category. With the U.S. weight loss market alon (read entire article)
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By: Cathy Strahl
Do you have a young child whose weight or eating habits are out of control? Need some real world help with ‘taming the cookie monster'? Here are some things that worked for our family.Our daughter, (read entire article)
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By: John Mericle M.D.
CancerCoronary heart diseaseStrokeOsteoporosisMajor Depression from Brain StarvationHeadlines.WASHINGTON, Jun 22, 2004 (United Press International via COMTEX) -- A coalition of nutrition, public healt (read entire article)
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By: Shawn Low
If your low carb diet is going nowhere, maybe its time to get more sleep. In a paper presented at the North American Association for the Study of Obesity, researchers found that people, who got little (read entire article)
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By: Joey Dweck
If you are trying to lose weight, the holidays literally are the heaviest time of the year.So how do you eat, drink and be merry while you're counting every single calorie? By getting a buddy who will (read entire article)
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By: Edward Group
Losing weight is a lifelong commitment. It takes patience and self-discipline to stick with a weight loss program and wait for the end results. Many people want to find the magic shortcut that will ma (read entire article)
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By: Dr. Jamie Fettig
Which diet is the best? ALL of them and NONE of them.I am going to let you in on a little secret. It often shocks and disrupts people's world, but you need to hear it. You ready? Everyone is different (read entire article)
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By: Niall Roche
When most people think of low carb diets they automatically think Atkins. For obvious reasons. Dr. Robert Atkins formulated the original low carb diet in 1972 and was met a with a hail of ridicule and (read entire article)
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By: Faye Hines
Did you know that what you're eating could be making your body toxic? I mean so toxic to point that your body is unable to metabolize food. These little critters, called parasites, feed off of foods t (read entire article)
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By: JLee Davis
Chant the following each day, several times. They are mantras that will save your life -- The choice to do nothing is still a choice and yields nothing.- I am responsible for my body. If I don't tak (read entire article)
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By: Anthony Ellis
The world today has more obese and overweight people than any other time in history. The reasons are simple too much bad foods and not enough exercise and weight training. However, with so much fo (read entire article)
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By: James Allen
Before you try starving yourself or turning to diet drugs in order to lose weight, take some time to research and discover more natural and safer methods of reaching your weightloss goals. Here are fi (read entire article)
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By: James Allen
Sometimes, just the thought of starting on a diet and fitness regimen can be so overwhelming, we stop before we even give it a shot. Let's not be overwhelmed then, OK? Instead, let's look at 5 easy wa (read entire article)
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By: Katrina Kern
Recently, a Japanese study showed dramatic results of organ fat loss and increased muscle strength, in test rats fed rare phytochemicals from baby green apple skins.Without additional vitamins or supp (read entire article)
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By: David Leonhardt
A few months ago, I set out to lose 22.6 pounds, then to put back on at least half of it.Huh? Anybody who's ever found herself stuck on a yo-yo diet is probably thinking that I am either crazy or pla (read entire article)
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By: Paul Freemantle
I have tried many diets here in the USA and in England and to me they all felt like self inflicted torture. They were boring, tasteless, and restrictive. Like many of you I work hard, I dont ask fo (read entire article)
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By: Laura Bankston
Our bodies only require a small amount of salt for proper nutrition. But the fact is that we all, including our children, consume way more salt -or rather, the sodium - than we should.Why should we c (read entire article)
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By: Craig Whitley
Any weight loss or diet plan, including low-carb plans like the induction phase of the Atkins Diet will result in water loss during the first week or two.However, one of the real beauties of following (read entire article)
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By: Jeff Banas
I personal lost 60 pounds in 2003. Here are some tactics I used to lose the weight.Eat every three hours. This will keep your blood sugar stable. Try to eat real food at least three times a day, break (read entire article)
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By: Mike Yeager
Almost everyone has attempted to follow diets and weight loss programs at some time in their lives. The trouble with so many diets and low fat diets is that they are hard to follow. Some diets leave y (read entire article)
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By: Daryl Dudley
America loves fast food. Last year, consumers spent billions of dollars on the hamburger industry alone. Corporate giants such as McDonalds, Wendys, and Burger King all boast of multi-million dollar (read entire article)
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By: Nancy Andrews
In the last 12 months or so, low carbohydrate diets have captured the hearts and weight loss hopes of the American public. And why not? These diets promise quick weight loss and the ability to keep (read entire article)
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By: Ruth Hinson
Many women want to be slim. Maybe youre one of them. Perhaps youre getting married soon and you want to fit into your wedding gown comfortably. Or perhaps you simply want to look (and feel) great in (read entire article)
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By: Melanie Mendelson
Do you know anybody who does not wish to get rid of the fat on one particular area of their body? I have not met anybody like that!"If I could only get rid of my big belly"! "Oh, I wish my thighs were (read entire article)
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By: Laxmi Krishna
Calorie burn can be really enhanced if you follow a very simple but effective way to judge if your walking speed is optimum, yet safe.Your best walking speed can be recognized by certain sure symptom (read entire article)
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By: Chris Guerriero
This article is about making long-term changes in the foods you choose and eat, WITHOUT sacrificing good taste.Let's take a look at protein. Did you know the large majority of your body is protein? Th (read entire article)
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