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Internet Marketing

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Articles about Internet marketing.

By: Shelley Lowery
Developing a successful Internet marketing strategy is the key to your online success. Your strategy not only involves your marketing and promotional efforts, but your web site will also play an impor (read entire article)
Viewed: 763 Times
By: Ryan Churchill
In this day and age there is so much information and spam out there. I read somewhere that we see over 3,000 advertisements a day. When your senses get overloaded you start to go numb to it. Advertise (read entire article)
Viewed: 411 Times
By: Matt Callen
While there are many marketing strategies that you can use and implement to make money, I'm going to have to say that if I had to choose ONE strategy, it would be to build a list. Some marketers wil (read entire article)
Viewed: 417 Times
By: Jay Moncliff
If you have a business to promote, you may want a marketing tool. But what is the best marketing tool for you? What marketing tool is widely used? Some of you may be asking what a marketing tool is (read entire article)
Viewed: 454 Times
By: Jay Moncliff
Are you a business owner that plans to market on the internet? Perhaps you wish to start selling things on Ebay that you don't really need anymore. Maybe you want to start selling things at an online (read entire article)
Viewed: 429 Times
By: Douglas Hanna
Many novice Internet marketers think the purpose of their site is to sell something. But what smart marketers have long known is that when the overwhelming majority of people sign on to the Internet, (read entire article)
Viewed: 469 Times
By: Matthew Keegan
The internet is a fantastic place to promote your skills and accomplishments. You can pay a large sum of money by coming up with banner ad or pay per click plans to “get the word out” or you can g (read entire article)
Viewed: 426 Times
By: Michael Lever
If I was a fortune-teller and you just walked in my door I would tell you this:"I see you still seek the dream of earning money in your sleep. Enough to give you the time and freedom to do what you wa (read entire article)
Viewed: 886 Times
By: Seth Chong
As people know, Google Adsense has been a craze everywhere around the Internet. When you look around a website and see some ads of different colors and styles, those are usually Google Adsense, stated (read entire article)
Viewed: 424 Times
By: Joseph Then
A great marketer may believe he or she can sell the proverbial “ice cubes to Eskimos”—and they may be right. Great sales techniques and marketing strategies can make virtually any product a win (read entire article)
Viewed: 419 Times
By: Donesia Muhammad
If there is one thing that is very hard to maintain online is integrity and honesty.And also patience..Patience in waiting for those sales to fly in.Hoping that you do not get so frustrated that you c (read entire article)
Viewed: 570 Times
By: Anita Larson
I listen to what they are saying and then ask the Magic Question – “What do your statistics tell you?” At this point, I either hear:1. Crickets chirping. 2. I don't have statistics or know (read entire article)
Viewed: 389 Times
By: Beth Silver
Every fall, I evaluate Doubet Consulting's website,, to ensure that we are still providing information about our services in the most efficient manner. Businesses have their own webs (read entire article)
Viewed: 507 Times
By: Karri Flatla
The sheer vastness of the cyber economy is staggering. There are well over six billion web pages vying for the attention Internet users around the globe. Needless to say, millions of these sites are (read entire article)
Viewed: 428 Times
By: Av Kumar
I found out the hard way that...People are skeptical !One of the main reasons many readers don't buy is because they have many objections, concerns and questions that go unanswered, well after they ha (read entire article)
Viewed: 401 Times
By: Alicia Forest
Do you continue to create products/programs/services that you think your prospects need - offerings that seem the most logical to you that will help your prospects do, be or have better - but you can' (read entire article)
Viewed: 454 Times
By: Av Kumar
There's a popular myth floating around implying that your product has to be hundreds of pages long if it is to make you any real money.That's a big lie.More money is being made out there than ever bef (read entire article)
Viewed: 441 Times
By: Tuks Engineer
It is far easier, cheaper and rewarding to start an online business than an offline one. The models we'll look at in this article do not take a genius to start. Let's get going:**1. The Membership Sit (read entire article)
Viewed: 479 Times
By: John Woon
Like tens of thousands of people who often venture online exploring ways to make a little extra money, I have been looking for ways that would allow me to eventually live a life with residual income a (read entire article)
Viewed: 542 Times
By: Rick Tanzo
Introduction: Pixel advertising is a form of promotion in which an ad is placed on a web site using tiny dots otherwise known as pixels, usually with size in the range of 100 pixels and higher. The p (read entire article)
Viewed: 402 Times
By: Peter Lim
You have a product or a service, and you have priced it at a certain cost. As an internet marketer, you have already identified the market sector, and the market demand. You are ready to market it.But (read entire article)
Viewed: 411 Times
By: M Brading
As Thomas Edison famously said “genius is one per cent inspiration ninety nine per cent perspiration”. Internet marketing does not require genius, present company accepted of course, but it does n (read entire article)
Viewed: 404 Times
By: Stephanie Diamond
Managing your online business is a full-time job. Unfortunately, most people have other responsibilities that prevent them from devoting all their attention to e-commerce.If your time is limited, her (read entire article)
Viewed: 532 Times
By: Grant Pasay
Ever see a kid in a pepperoni suit on the side of the street, waving at people and hoping they'll stop in at the local pizza place? That kid in the pepperoni suit is trying to convince people there's (read entire article)
Viewed: 434 Times
By: Deanna Mascle
If you have been on the internet more than 10 seconds you know what a text link is -- a word, or group of words which can be clicked to direct a web surfer to another page or site on the internet whic (read entire article)
Viewed: 401 Times
By: Heidi Richards
The Internet has brought about many opportunities for us to network without leaving our office or our home. In fact, almost any form of Internet presence can offer opportunities to network. And the go (read entire article)
Viewed: 423 Times
By: Oluwafisayo Akinlolu
One goal every Internet marketer and most probably anyone in business has is to make a sale. If you truly want to get your piece of the Internet "pie", this is perhaps the greatest "magic" you (read entire article)
Viewed: 444 Times
By: Shaunta Pleasant
Many nine to five workers dream of the independence and financial power that is created by owning their own business. Owning a business requires lots of hard work, and longer hours than any wage slav (read entire article)
Viewed: 421 Times
By: Holly Mann
I bought the infamous Rich Jerk's E-Book and it helped me tweak one of my website's and as a result I have doubled that website's revenue.Although I am very grateful for the optimization tip - because (read entire article)
Viewed: 486 Times
By: Mary Murtha
The use of mini-sites has become the mainstream for most internet marketers. Some people claim mini-sites to be “trendy”, while others know they are here to stay.Their use is not just a fad, mini (read entire article)
Viewed: 277 Times
By: Craig Garber
There are some things you really just "can't" imagine.If you're a man, you just "can't" imagine what it's like to be pregnant.If you've never had to do this before, you really just "can't" imagine w (read entire article)
Viewed: 474 Times
By: Anne Ahira
A Pop Up is an ad that displays in a new browser window.Pop up windows come in many different shapes and sizes, typically in a scaled-down browser window with only the Close, Minimize and Maximize com (read entire article)
Viewed: 500 Times
By: Chris Ellington
There is one article marketing mistake that constantly tops the list. It's horrific. This single mistake made by an author can ensure that the article isn't published as widely as it otherwise might b (read entire article)
Viewed: 1052 Times
By: Clive Harman
A mentor does not buy, sell or negotiate. A mentor provides a service. In essence, mentoring is simply helping someone else play their cards right and become successful in internet marketing.So defi (read entire article)
Viewed: 800 Times
By: Kari White
Nothing in Internet marketing is more important than customer acquisition -- attracting visitors and converting prospects into clients. The key to customer conversion is to turn your Web site into an (read entire article)
Viewed: 372 Times
By: Glen Snethun
Do you have a detailed plan in place to market your home-based Internet business? How about a strategy that will work for your budget? Do you know where to start?If not, read on. This article is an (read entire article)
Viewed: 813 Times
By: Raamakant S.
"When I Got Out Of Bed This Morning, I Discovered I'd Sold $870.55 Of My Products While I Was Asleep!" You've seen this line on most famous Internet marketer Neil Shearing's website. Not only the Ne (read entire article)
Viewed: 398 Times
By: Elaine Currie
Considering that the great Studio Traffic had been running for nearly two years when I made my debut, I was a latecomer to the get paid to auto surf scene. When I first started to take notice of the (read entire article)
Viewed: 857 Times
By: Halstatt Pires
You've done your research, written a business plan and created a web site. Now it's time to market your web business.Internet MarketingThere are many ways to market a web site. One of the best ways is (read entire article)
Viewed: 296 Times
By: Justine Curtis
The name of the game is targeting.Your web designer, having analysed the data from tracking system they have set up for the last process, will be able to tell you what key phrases your customers have (read entire article)
Viewed: 724 Times
By: Richard Grady
Regular readers of my articles will recall that over the past few months I have been putting in place various systems to try and minimize the level of emails and support queries that I receive from my (read entire article)
Viewed: 452 Times
By: Cory Threlfall
New to the Internet and Internet Marketing?Looking to stack your claim of Internet "RICHES" by starting up a online business of your own?Aren't we all.I remember when I first got started online... I d (read entire article)
Viewed: 400 Times
By: James Peggie
In the early days of the Internet, web enthusiasts were enamored with the technological marvels that the new age put before them. It almost seemed as though the written content in web sites was put in (read entire article)
Viewed: 491 Times
By: Halstatt Pires
After spending a lot of time and effort on building a site, many wonder where they should start with Internet marketing. Site owners can be bombarded with pitches about marketing and it is hard to sor (read entire article)
Viewed: 777 Times
By: Darryl DeLong
1. Start a newsletter that people can subscribe to, and use an autoresponder service like GetResponse ( or Aweber ( to capture and store your subscribers' contact in (read entire article)
Viewed: 474 Times
By: Alan Cheng
For three years in Internet Marketing, I've tried to find what the secret was to having a successful online business. During the first 9 months it was pure money-loss. I've lost count the number of do (read entire article)
Viewed: 469 Times
By: Russ Moore
OK, you've been bustin' your butt trying to make money online, but it's just not working out.You're one step away from tearing down your website and quitting the game forever. You may even be thinking (read entire article)
Viewed: 491 Times
By: Marty Foley
Not long ago, a vacation that entailed travelling across much of the U.S. helped me reflect a bit about my Internet business, and reminded me of the powerful advantages of doing business online. Let's (read entire article)
Viewed: 721 Times
By: Evonne Llewellyn
How many times have you wondered what magic formula the top Net earners were using?There really isn't any magic involved. No magic wand or success secret that only a select few know about.Making money (read entire article)
Viewed: 803 Times
By: Patric Chan
Have you heard of diversifying your investment portofilio?No? Well, it's extremely famous in financial planning.Those financial planners will tell you that in order for you to minimize risk of lost, y (read entire article)
Viewed: 506 Times

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